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Snowboard Bindings at Alpine Sports

This collection of high quality snowboard boots bindings will give you plenty of exciting options to explore. With ergonomic designs, cushion feel and perfect flex, these bindings will give you the control and the freedom that you need on the slopes. Take a look through each design and you will see that there is a variety of styles, from all rounder snowboard boot straps to lightweight and powder snowboard bindings. We like to keep our stocks up to date, so you will find the very best options in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 snowboard bindings right here at Alpine Sports.

Top brands

We have a great collection of bindings from some of the leading names in the game. The Burton snowboard bindings are well worth checking out, as are Ride and the Rome snowboard bindings. There is also a fantastic selection of Salomon snowboard and splitboard bindings too. You can rely upon these well respected alpine sport companies to create sturdy, long lasting and reliably effective bindings!

Wide range of options

These expert brands put just as much time and effort into producing extremely effective beginners bindings as they do intermediate and expert level snowboard bindings. There will be plenty of options here whatever level of experience or budget. We have some excellent children's snowboard bindings as well as some top level men's and women's snowboard bindings which are the pro bindings of choice season after season. If you are just starting out, then the high quality beginners bindings in this range will be well worth a look.

Great look, great feel

You will be able to find the right size for you within this collection, as we have everything from men's and women's large, through medium to men's and women's small snowboard bindings. As well as there being a range of sizes, you will also see that there is a variety of attractive colours to choose from. With reds, pinks, oranges blacks and purples all in the mix in this brilliant collection of snowboard bindings, you will be sure to find the design that not only feels right but also looks right!

2016 Salomon Rhythm Binding 2016 Salomon Rhythm Binding save
40% off
1 in stock
The Rhythm of a song is what keeps it moving at a solid, steady pace. If the Rhythm is compromised, the song turns into noise. That's exactly what you want out of a snowboard binding, a quality product that you can rely on day-in-day out, and why not have it match your jacket it while your at it? The Rhythm incorporates all the features of modern bindings while maintaining a sleek design. The Lock…
2017 Salomon District Binding 2017 Salomon District Binding save
30% off
1 in stock
Features of the Salomon District binding: Flex: 5/10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) For all-mountain freestyle riding. Board Compatibility: The Salomon Universal Disc will fit to any mounting system including The Channel System Base Plate: Shadow Fit Baseplate featuring Kevlar Quickwire. The flexible heelcup allows more lateral freedom for better tweaks and presses, strengthened by the incredibly light and s…
2017 Salomon Spell Binding 2017 Salomon Spell Binding save
30% off
1 in stock
Easy to use, comfortable, and engineered with women's specific geometries, the Salomon Spell Snowboard Bindings are a great way to get started without putting a big ol' dent in your bank account! FLEX: Soft – A soft flexing binding is more maneuverable at slow speed and more forgiving in general. This type of flex is great for beginner/intermediate riders and for the advanced rider who prefers a l…
2018 Salomon Defender Binding 2018 Salomon Defender Binding save
20% off
2 in stock
the Salomon Defender Bindings offer a custom fit, comfort, and the power transmission of a responsive flex and ShadowFit Technology. FEATURES: - FLEX: 7 - Stiffer flexing bindings are geared more towards advanced riders looking for more precision control at high speeds - ShadowFit Baseplate – 3-piece baseplate featuring a unique flexible heel loop and completely anatomical fit to provide intuitive…
2018 Salomon District Binding 2018 Salomon District Binding save
20% off
3 in stock
The Salomon District binding is perfect for the park or hitting some urban features while the medium flex will still let you hit the groomers. A unique heel loop attached to the base plate creates an anatomical fit to provide mobility and an extremely lightweight binding. The supreme ankle strap is anatomically designed for comfort and the deluxe toe strap will keep you locked in. The universal di…
2018 Salomon Rhythm Binding 2018 Salomon Rhythm Binding save
20% off
4 in stock
The Rhythm Snowboard binding from Salomon is all about providing a lot of tech without the high price tag. With features like 3D Supreme ankle straps, Lock-In toe straps, and full coverage Canted EVA Footbeds. Every time you strap in you'll be wrapping your boot comfort and response. Features: - Ankle Strap: 3D Supreme with Tool-Less adjustment - Baseplates: Zone Baseplate, with an adjustable toe…
2018 Salomon Trigger Binding 2018 Salomon Trigger Binding save
20% off
2 in stock
With the Salomon Trigger Bindings you can blast through crud and have ample power transfer for those steeps. This binding features Blaster technology which is a Freestyle Jib Joint, designed to act similar to a dynamic suspension system, it helps absorb chop and smoothes out overall ride characteristics while allowing more lateral freedom. 3D Prime Straps, Lock in Deluxe Toe Straps, Upgraded Ratch…
2019 Burton Mission Binding 2019 Burton Mission Binding save
30% off
1 in stock
Burton outfitted the 2019 Men's Mission Illumi Not Me Snowboard Bindings with the vibration-killing combination of a Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning and a single-component Canted Living Hinge highback so you can ride until the chair stops spinning. Burton's Mission Bindings offer 360-degrees of comfort thanks to the ergonomically-contoured hi-back, Hammockstraps, and infamous Gettagrip 2.0 Capstraps wh…
2020 Burton Cartel Binding 2020 Burton Cartel Binding save
20% off
6 in stock
Features of the 2020 Cartel binding: - Lightweight, single-component 45% short-glass/nylon composite Re:Flex™ baseplates let you mount these bindings to any board in the shop - Single-component, canted Living Hinge™ zero-lean highbacks with DialFLAD™ shave weight, and let you adjust your forward lean and highback rotation independently - Flex: 6 - 8 (Medium - Firm) - Hammockstrap 2.0 straps are ev…
2020 Burton Mission Binding 2020 Burton Mission Binding save
20% off
1 in stock
As the workhorse of Burton's lineup, this do-it-all binding offers pro-grade features like ergonomic hi-backs featuring freestyle-minded zero Forward Lean and the seamless fit and comfort of ergonomic straps with unstoppable Smooth Glide™ buckles. Features: - BASEPLATE: Single-Component Baseplate Construction, 30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite, Re:Flex™ - HI-BACK: Single-Component Hi-Back Construc…
2020 Rome Crux Binding 2020 Rome Crux Binding
2 in stock
The freestyle-friendly Rome Crux bindings incorporate AsymWrap technology, an innovative asymmetric heel hoop design with three points of connection for a playful, surfy feel that doesn't skimp on power transmission and control. Features: - Flex Rating – 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - Baseplate: AsymWrap Technology – The flex comes before the pop in this platform. With three points of heel hoop connectio…
2020 Rome D.O.D. Binding 2020 Rome D.O.D. Binding
3 in stock
The D.O.D (Do Or Die) is an ideal freestyle binding for riders of all abilities. The advanced shock absorption features make it suitable for the park, jibbing or steep chutes for a forgiving landing. The medium/stiff flex is comfortable when locking into rails or executing spinning tricks but the heel loop is supportive enough for precise landings and carves. Features: - Flex Rating: A medium/stif…
2020 Rome Flare Binding 2020 Rome Flare Binding
2 in stock
The Flare is designed for riders who want a high-performance binding at a progression-friendly price point. Lightweight and responsive, yet forgiving for variable conditions, the Flare is built for peak to park performance and then some. Features: - AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop: Surfy smooth feel paired with three points of riveted, asymmetric underwrap hold - AsymGuild Highback: Stiffer on the latera…
2020 Rome Madison Boss Binding 2020 Rome Madison Boss Binding
2 in stock
The Madison Boss is the go-to for riders who want a sturdy and reliable binding. Built on our UnderWrap.2 heel hoop and backed up by the Contour Boss ankle strap, the Madison Boss is the boss! Flex: 7/10 CONSTRUCTION: - Conform Grip 2.0 Toe Strap: Overmolded elastic strap for maximum hold and slip-free grip - UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop: Bombproof stability with four points of connection. - Madison High…


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