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Muc-Off 5x Premium Brush Kit Muc-Off 5x Premium Brush Kit
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A clean bike looks great, performs better, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain. With the Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Brush Set, having a clean bike is easier than ever. The brushes feature a tough impact resistant dual density handle that won't slip in extreme conditions, durable nylon bristles and rubberized impact zones for maximum protection on delicate finishes. - a soft washing brush that is de…
Muc-Off 8in1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit Muc-Off 8in1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit
1 in stock
Practical set for cleaning and preservation of your bicycle in a gift box set includes: - Muc-Off Cleaner 1 litre -Bike Spray 500 ml - Soft Washing Brush - Detailing Brush - Two Prong Brush - Claw Brush - microcellular sponge -bucket for water / Storage
Muc-Off B.A.M! 125ml Muc-Off B.A.M! 125ml
5 in stock
Muc-Off B.A.M! Inflate & Repair Sealant Spray - 125ml quickly inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by injecting latex foam and air into a tyre or tube. Compatible with road, cx/gravel and MTB wheels as well as most tubeless sealants. Will inflate a 29” MTB tyre in under a minute and capable of sealing holes 3-4mm.
Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet Lube 120ml Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet Lube 120ml
2 in stock
C3 Wet Ceramic Chain Lube 120ml raises the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate lubrication. It provides total corrosion protection and unparalleled performance in wet and damp conditions. With added nano ceramic particles and synthetic polymers, C3 wet Ceramic Chain Lube maximises your power output by reducing metal to metal contact to a ground breaking, low level and provides up to 10 tim…
Muc-Off Carbon Gripper 75ml Muc-Off Carbon Gripper 75ml
2 in stock
Muc-Off Carbon Gripper does as its name suggests - helps carbon 'get a grip', so you don't ruin them by overtightening! It's a fact of modern cycling life - carbon fibre bike parts slip. Whether it's your Carbon seatpost having a mind of its own or your Carbon stem is struggling to grip your handle bars, the crew at Muc-Off have come up with the answer: the all-new, highly advanced Carbon Gripper!…
Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Muc-Off Dirt Bucket
1 in stock
The Muc-Off Dirt Bucket Kit with Filth Filter is the perfect tool for helping to keep your bikes paintwork scratch-free. Featuring an innovative Filth Filter, which sits at the bottom of the bucket, trapping dirt to prevent it from being reintroduced to the sponge or brush whilst cleaning. The Dirt Bucket Kit comes with an award-winning range of Muc-Off products. What's in the Kit? - 1 Litre Muc-O…
Muc-Off Disc Brake Covers Muc-Off Disc Brake Covers
2 in stock
Finally, the solution to protecting your disc brakes during maintenance or transit is here! Our Patented design makes life easy, they are fast and easy to use and help to ensure you won’t have protectant or lube overspray on your discs. The end is nigh for loss of braking power from protectant overspray! Finally!
Muc-Off Glue and Sealant Remover Muc-Off Glue and Sealant Remover
3 in stock
Easily Removes Rim Tape Glue, Sealant Or Tubular Glue Residue. MUC-OFF GLUE & SEALANT REMOVER is all you need if you want to remove rim tape glue, sealant or tubular glue residue from inside rims (and many other surfaces) prior to applying Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape.
Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer 250ml Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer 250ml
1 in stock
Specially formulated to keep satin matt paints, matt finishes and matt vinyl wraps looking as they were intended, this premium grade formula will rid your surfaces of prints, streaks and shiny marks, leaving a non-sticky protective finish as it goes. Built to repel dirt and grime once applied, the Matt Finish Detailer 750ml is a great spray to keep blemishes away.
Muc-Off Miracle Shine 500ml Muc-Off Miracle Shine 500ml
1 in stock
Not only does our Miracle Shine give you amazing reflective results – but it also covers the treated areas with a microscopic protective layer against atmospheric pollutants, thanks to it’s Fluoro Polymer Technology! Our luxurious polish also includes Carnauba Wax as well as other highly advanced ingredients so that your paintwork is treated with love and respect. So if you want your paint finish…
Muc-Off MO-94 Muc-Off MO-94
5 in stock
Stop rust, lubricate parts, add a long-lasting protective film – you name it, MO-94 does it. It’s the perfect protective spray for all things two or four wheeled. Muc-Off MO-94 covers all the bases with it's incredible formula that quickly and effectively penetrates moisture, lubricates moving parts and leaves a long lasting protective film. MO-94 prevents dirt adhesion and also drives out excess…
Muc-Off Premium Brush Kit Muc-Off Premium Brush Kit
1 in stock
Our Soft Washing Brush features a sintered bristle compound that's designed to clean your wheels and components while caring for delicate finishes. Its new design has a tough, impact resistant handle that won't slip in extreme conditions, an oversized head for fast cleaning of large areas and rubberised impact zones for maximum protection. Our Detailing Brush is ideal for reaching hard-to-shift di…
Muc-Off Silicon Shine 500ml Muc-Off Silicon Shine 500ml
1 in stock
Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking factory fresh, but it also acts as an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts and reduces dirt adhesion. Spray it onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to reduce resistance for a silky smooth, World Cup performance. - Protects and leaves a sparkling shine on metal, plastic & rubber parts. - Reduces friction on fork stanchions and rear shock…
Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Care Kit Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Care Kit
1 in stock
The Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing your bike. This kit isn't style specific either with all the essentials for Road, Cyclocross, MTB and the daily commute. This kit is the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for any bike fanatic! The Kit contents: Bike Cleaner, Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Two Pro…
Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit Enduro/DH Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit Enduro/DH
1 in stock
The Muc-Off Ultimate kit to give you everything you need for the perfect tubeless setup on your rims. Everything is packaged together for you so you won't run the risk of forgetting to buy a critical piece of the puzzle. The width of the tubeless tape varies between each model to suit different width rims and you also get a set of black tubeless valves, 2 pouches of sealant, and seal patches to co…


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